About Us

National Gymnastics Recruiter is the ONLY recruiting website that specializes in getting gymnastics and cheerleading scholarships for athletes all around the nation. We make the recruiting process simple and painless for coaches and athletes alike. Our motto is simple: You Register, We Market, They Recruit. We work with coaches from all Division I and Division II schools that offer scholarships to find the right opportunities for high talent athletes that may not know about scholarship programs. Within the last year, we have gotten several athletes scholarships to great Division I and II schools, and we want to help the next graduating class with the same!

Our model came out of desire to help coaches get to know kids from all ages and watch them grow each year. This is why we allow you to upload new videos from each competition season, allowing college coaches to see your progression and scout you for many years before the recruiting process begins. Our process has proven successful in the last year and we will continue to make scholarships more attainable for athletes!